Knitter’s coloring book

I had been wanting to knit Stephen West’s Exploration Station for quite some time when Eric from the Sticks + Twine Podcast announced that he is hosting a knitalong for this shawl soon. Into my stash I dove to pick out some colorful yarns, and all was fine until I started to think about what section of the shawl I want to knit in which color. It made my brain hurt, so I decided to whip up a handy coloring book-style schematic of the shawl so I can play around with the colors. And here it is! Feel free to download it if you want to do the same!

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On a finishing spree

Almost a month into the new year I can safely conclude that I kind of flew of the handle, knitting-wise. Whereas I had no more that three or four projects on the go last year, the turn of the year and al the KALs have gotten me way excited. I couldn’t contain myself and cast on a copious amount of projects. Luckily, I have managed to finish some of them despite my omg-I-need-to-graduate-in-March-madness.

First thing to fly off my needles was this cardigan I knit for the little one’s birthday last week (which featured tons of hand-made gifts, about which more later). I started it on new year’s eve and knit most of the body during a game of Scrabble with the in-laws:

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This is not a new year’s resolution

Wasn’t it about four months ago that I announced Keos 2.0 and vowed to keep it up this time around? Well, that lasted for all of five posts, and then I lost the will to blog again. Now you may laugh in disbelief at me saying that I’m back again and that I mean it this time, but I’m back again and I mean it this time. And I’ve got a solid plan of attack to make this work:

Image source: Lily & Val

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