This is not a new year’s resolution

Wasn’t it about four months ago that I announced Keos 2.0 and vowed to keep it up this time around? Well, that lasted for all of five posts, and then I lost the will to blog again. Now you may laugh in disbelief at me saying that I’m back again and that I mean it this time, but I’m back again and I mean it this time. And I’ve got a solid plan of attack to make this work:

Image source: Lily & Val

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Keos 2.0

Hi there! I’m Keos, and I am happy to welcome you to my blog. Maybe you’ve been here before, and in that case you may have noticed that things have changed a little around here. Or maybe you have landed here for the first time – in both cases I think Wonderland could use a little (re)introducing. Please, allow me.

Hé hoi! Ik ben Keos, en ik heet je hartelijk welkom op mijn blog. Misschien ben je hier al eerder geweest; in dat geval heb je misschien gemerkt dat het hier een beetje veranderd is. Of misschien ben je hier voor het eerst geland – in beide gevallen denk ik dat Wonderland wel een kleine (her)introductie kan gebruiken. Staat u mij toe!

portret Keos

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