About Keos in Wonderland


Hi, I’m Welmoed, 25, and I live in the Netherlands. My husband was the first to ever – jokingly – call me Keos. I don’t really go by that name other than online, but it is pretty spot on, because I am a chaotic who craves order and structure. That in itself is chaotic enough – you see my problem here? Lots of yoga gives me the calm to deal with this. That, and making things.

You see, I love to make things. I used to be addicted to crochet, but ever since I taught myself how to knit there’s no stopping me (cue Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now). I also enjoy sewing, gardening and cooking. I also love making food, whether that be in the kitchen or growing it in our small vegetable garden. I’ve been a vegetarian for over a decade and I eat mostly gluten-free, so that’s what you can expect from recipes around here. I love to make things so much that I once made a baby, who is the happiest and funniest girl I have ever met and who is about to turn two. Wow! Insert they-grow-up-so-fast-cliches here.


Wonderland is my utopian fairytale world in which all these things come together: a world that, like any fairytale, would be nothing without my little smiley princess and off course the handsome Mr. Prince. A world full of laughter and peace and unicorns and stuff and yarn. But seriously, how cool would unicorns be? I imagine it to be a world that’s carefree and with lots of time for crafting, cooking, and enjoying that good food in great company. Wonderland to me is also the feeling of grass under my bare feet, the autumn sun in my face, the wonderful scent of summer nights and the feeling of order in the chaos. But at the same time, there is chaos in this land of sunny summergrass and other idyllics. Because I am still Keos, Keos in Wonderland.

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