WIP Wednesday // 1 // Spring is coming

I’m so bad at updating Ravelry that I’ve given up. But I do occasionally snap a pic of my work in progress and put it on Instagram. So why not try to document what I’m making over here? Here you go, it’s WIP Wednesday!

Right now, I have two knits and a crochet blanket in the making. The latter is a story for another time, because I promised the intended recipient that the next time she’ll see it will be when it’s done. And because it’s not done yet (but getting there!), I’ll save that one for later.

As far as the knits go, I’m firstly knitting a delicious cabled sweater. I started it a week or two ago, when after spring finally seemed on its way it suddenly started freezing again. I figured that with that nonsense I needed a new sweater, if not to keep me warm then to cheer me up by knitting it.  The pattern is Dreams of Aran by Drops Design. I’m currently way farther along than in the picture below: I’ve bound of stitches for the underarms and have started working the back part flat. I have found Drops patterns to be cryptic at times, but I’m doing okay on this one so far. Even if I accidentally switched between knitting 3 to 4 rows between cables a few times. Oh, well. This sweater will be nice and comfy no matter what, and that’s all because of the yarn.


The yarn is something else! If I told you that it’s a merino/cashmere/nylon yarn and I bought close to a kilo of it for 10 euros, would you believe me? I still can barely believe that one myself. How did I manage that? I found a soft, soft sweater in a thriftstore, brand new. It hadn’t felted anywhere one single bit, so it hadn’t been worn at all (and after knitting with it I know this for a fact, because let me tell you: this yarn felts!). I didn’t like how that sweater looked on me, but after finding out the fiber blend I bought it anyway and frogged it. Later, when I looked up the brand of the sweater, I found out that it had originally cost around 200 euro!

The second WIP is a pair of plain socks I cast on last night. It’s my first pair of socks this year. It seems that just like the mild spring weather, my desire to knit socks has been lying dormant until now. This colorful Drachenwolle sock yarn certainly looks the part for a spring pair of socks! I’m also digging the pooling that’s occurring and even though I never try to get my socks to match, these are turning out to match pretty closely!



  • Pattern: Dreams of Aran by Drops Design
  • Yarn: 75% merino/20% nylon/5% cashmere DK-weight yarn frogged from sweater bought at the thriftstore for €10.


  • Pattern: a plain vanilla sock: 20 rounds of 2×2 rib, 80 rounds on leg and foot. Heel to be determined.
  • Yarn: Drachenwolle Ein und Alles (+ TBD contrast for heels)

What are you working on? Any spring or summery knits, or are you too sticking with things to keep you warm?


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