Knitter’s coloring book

I had been wanting to knit Stephen West’s Exploration Station for quite some time when Eric from the Sticks + Twine Podcast announced that he is hosting a knitalong for this shawl soon. Into my stash I dove to pick out some colorful yarns, and all was fine until I started to think about what section of the shawl I want to knit in which color. It made my brain hurt, so I decided to whip up a handy coloring book-style schematic of the shawl so I can play around with the colors. And here it is! Feel free to download it if you want to do the same!

Download Exploration Station Colour Planner

To download the schematic as an image, click the picture above. This will take you to a full-size version of it, where you can save it by doing a right mouse click and then choosing ‘Save image as’ (at least, that’s how it works in Firefox, but it probably won’t be very different in other browsers. You can also download the image as a PDF if you want; in that case, click here.

I am planning on printing a few of these and to get out my colored pencils and to fill it in, but you could also do it on the computer if you so prefer. I must warn you though, coloring it digitally will most likely not look the prettiest because my computer-drawing skills are not nearly good enough to prevent white pixels around every color you add into the drawing.

The image is on A4-size in landscape orientation, which means that you may have to change your printer settings to let it print it as such. Of course, size does not really matter here, so if you’re using a different size of paper or if you want multiple of these printed on the same page, you could also scale it accordingly (this can be done in your printer settings menu, I think).

So, join in on the fun if you’d like to also knit an Exploration Station – now is the time! You can find more info about this KAL at the Eric’s Sticks + Twine Ravelry group. In the meantime, these are all the yarns I’ll be playing around with:

There’s something from everything there: three skeins of Drops Fabel, some Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light and some Colourful Creativity Colourful Sock left over from my Doodler, some Malabrigo Lace which I will probably be holding double, and some kidsilk I have left over from the waldorf doll I made the little one for her first birthday. Should be fun!


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