On a finishing spree

Almost a month into the new year I can safely conclude that I kind of flew of the handle, knitting-wise. Whereas I had no more that three or four projects on the go last year, the turn of the year and al the KALs have gotten me way excited. I couldn’t contain myself and cast on a copious amount of projects. Luckily, I have managed to finish some of them despite my omg-I-need-to-graduate-in-March-madness.

First thing to fly off my needles was this cardigan I knit for the little one’s birthday last week (which featured tons of hand-made gifts, about which more later). I started it on new year’s eve and knit most of the body during a game of Scrabble with the in-laws:

Please excuse the bad lighting and terrible photo, but lately most of my crafting has been condemned to happen under artificial lighting. The pattern for the cardigan is from Drops, who most creatively called it ‘ 0-684 Baby Cardigan with Short/Long Raglan Sleeves’. Now, I have heard a lot of bad things about Drops patterns, but I have to say that this one exceeded my not-so-high expectations. To call it a great pattern would be going to far, because they did not take the time to figure out how to place the lace symmetrically (even though you barely notice that when it’s worn). This photo also conveniently shows two of my other finished objects: two pairs of wrist warmers for my mother-in-law. The left pair are knit from Ricoh Creative Chunky or something – I’m sorry, but I can’t be bothered to look it up. I had knit her a shawl out of it, which is lovely, and she asked my to knit her some wrist warmers out of the leftovers. The second pair of wrist warmers were knit from some colorful acrylic that she brought me. They seem tiny, but are knit entirely in 1×1 rib, and they fit her hands well. They could have been a bit longer though, had it not been that this yarn was so scratchy and squeeky an all-round terrible to work with that I couldn’t bring myself to do more with it than the absolute bare minimum.

And then on to the big one: I finished a sweater. January 1st marked the start of the Colourful Creativity Garment KAL on Ravelry, hosted by the lovely and ever so enabling Carolien of the Colourful Creativity Podcast. I don’t know what was in my coffee when I decided to enter three projects in this three-month-long knitalong, but at least I finished the first: my Bloomsbury sweater:

Again, hello bad quality pic, but also hello lovely soft and well-fitting sweater! Made out of Drops Nepal, this is such a nice and warm thing to wear, especially since it’s almost Warme Truiendag or ‘Warm Sweater Day’ in the Netherlands, which is at February 5th. I had not planned for this sweater to be done by then, but it’s a nice coincidendce. I know what I’ll be wearing next week! Warme Truiendag was started by a power company to promote saving energy by turning down your thermostat one degree Celsius for a day. We’ve already been doing that because we discovered that one degree less is very doable when wearing lovely hand knits, and we’ll be dialing back another degree on February 5th.

Lastly, I finished a pair of socks! This is a big deal for me because this is the second pair of socks I have ever cast on (on Christmas day, to be exact) and it’s the first pair I’ve finished. I’m stoked with them and learned a lot from knitting them, and without further ado, here they are:

(Oh, I’m not even going to psych myself out anymore over badly lit pictures. #lifehappens, and this is supposed to be fun.)

That leaves about 8 WIPs and a scrap blanket that I just started yesterday on the needles, but following Tilly Trout‘s lead, I’m going to consider the blanket a PLOP (Project in Long term Ongoing Progress) and not a WIP. Eight WIPs, oh my! I have really lost all self-control! I plan to finish two more pairs of socks this month to bring down that count a bit. Let’s see if I can manage that!

How’s your January been in terms of crafting? Many FO’s, many WIPs? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know!


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